March in Paris, things to do and see

Festivals, exhibitions, fairs, visits… March in Paris offers a lot of possibilities from major mainstream events to the more unusual and off-beat activities.

What to do in March in Paris

Visiting Paris in March

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International women’s day

Many events are proposed on the occasion of March 8th, International women’s day. Parisian venues host shows that put the spotlight on female artists.

Cultural festivals in Paris in March

Banlieues bleues is a major musical event in Paris region. All month long, a variety of artists from the jazz and blues scene will play in different venues.

Trade fairs

Go to Paris La Villette to customize your interior at the Art & Decoration trade fair. Why not visit the World tattoo convention where you can meet the best tattoo artists in the world.

A brand new trade fair will take place in Paris Event Center around the art of barbecue from March 20th to 22th.

The much awaited erotic trade fair will take place in Paris Le Bourget at the end of March.

Sport events

The month of March comes from the god of war known as Mars. Warriors will not miss the Spartan Race at the Stade de France. To prepare this race, you can practice running in Paris.

Stadium gods will be on the pitch of the stadium for the 6 nations tournament on March 14th where the Irish and French rugby teams will fight for the victory.

To soften this martial atmosphere, Football World Cup winners will also play at the Stade de France for a friendly match France vs Ukraine that will be held Friday, 27th March.

Not-to-be-missed exhibitions in Paris

Several not-to-be-missed exhibitions close their doors this month...

... to leave some space for new exhibitions in Paris:

Paris tours in March

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