The Paris of Street Art: Canal de L'ourcq, an open-air museum

Walk along the Canal de l'Ourcq with a guide to learn more about the recent history of street-art and how the different street-artists from all over the world use a big variety of techniques to decorate their playground.

Open your eyes ! Artists such as: Jacques Villéglé, Seth, LeModuleDeZeer, Le Cyklop, Jace, Levalet, Artof Popof, Romain Froquet have based their artwork on urban furniture along the canal: signs, posts, bridge piers, chimneys, facades, steps… The program is very rich and will enable you to appreciate the diversity of urban street art: the technique, styles or messages. Some works are enormous, others have been implanted into daily life.  Appearing at a street corner, at the intersection of a bridge, these colorful, poetic or humorous artworks will really surprise you. A whole open-air-museum to be discovered!

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The Canal de l’Ourcq offers artists a wide selective range of sites of quality and different atmospheres to bring the most out of their work. It crosses a multitude of landscapes: urban territories, industrial areas, green areas or residential areas. This land in perpetual mutation was formerly a neglected industrial zone which has become, over the years, a major attractive sites for inhabitants as much as for tourists. The river banks are now an ideal spot for relaxation, a stroll or, why not, a picnic!

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