Things to do in Paris in February

Visiting Paris in February is perfect for those who have a sweetheart and a sweet tooth. Enjoy Valentine's day and the tradition of crêpes for Candlemas and Mardi-Gras. Chinese New Year processions in Paris complete this celebration of the senses, with their vibrant colours.

Guided tours of Paris in February

Discover our selection of visits in February on our Explore Paris boutique. Find a guided tour in Paris in February: themed guided tours, original and classical tours, etc.

Journey through Olympic history in the heart of Paris
Journey through Olympic history in the heart of Paris
Thursday 29th February 2024 (and 6 other dates)

Guided tours in Paris in February

There's still time to visit the Olympic sites in Paris on a guided tour in English - for groups (10-15 people) only. 

Stroll through the flea markets and see an exhibition!

The flea markets of Paris Saint Ouen open on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. You can stroll through the different markets and take a tour of the Marché Dauphine to see the stalls, the exhibitions and admire the Futuro house.

Activities for food lovers

After the galette des rois in January, mouths will continue to water for candlemas and pancake Tuesday. Both celebrations mark the end of Epiphany that starts with Galette des rois.

Candlemas, on the 2d of February is a catholic feast that you celebrate eating crêpes – delicious French pancakes. Pancake Tuesday is a Christian celebration inherited from a Pagan feast.

Let's dress for Mardi-Gras!

Mardi-Gras is also the occasion to dress up. Discover also the carnivals in Paris Ile-de-France. The Paris carnival is scheduled on February 11, 2024. The parade goes from Gambetta to République, passing through the Ménilmontant district.

Valentine’s day

Valentine's day is the occasion to share a romantic and festive moment with your loved one. Check out our great tips to celebrate your Valentine's day in Paris.

Exhibitions to see in the Paris region

Exciting exhibitions are waiting for you this February in Paris and in Seine-Saint-Denis.

Chinese New Year processions in Paris

Paris hosts several Chinese New Year processions in February: in Aubervilliers, in the 13th district of Paris, considered to be the Parisian Chinatown and another in the heart of Paris.

Things to do in February in Paris

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