What to do on Valentine's Day in Paris ?

Are you finding it difficult to do something original on Valentine's Day 2019? Don't worry we have loads of suggestions for you.

Ideas of activities for people in love on February, 14th, 2019

You'll find suggestions and ideas to enjoy an original Valentine’s day in the Parisian region : participate to a café-philo or take a look to our list of ideas for a romantic dinner, in one of the gastronomic restaurants. You can also buy an original gift for your Valentine. Restaurant, dinner cruise in Paris, cinema, unusual outings... take your pick!

1. Book a table at a special restaurant

Terrass hotel Montmartre - restaurantOn this special day of celebration, love and friendship, your Valentine will be thrilled by an invitation to one of the best restaurants of North-East Paris.

You can also book a typical and authentic restaurant like the famous Ma Cocotte and other restaurants of the Flea Market or restaurants that has a panoramic view on Paris

2. A lovely night in a special hotel

For one night, you can also add a touch of luxury!
After the restaurant take your other half to a luxury hotel. Many high range hotels offer great deal options for Feburary the 14th to spend a night in a 4 or 5-star luxury hotel room (by the way: most establishments of this standing offer good deals in their own restaurant).

3. Love Boat...A romantic cruise in Paris

Valentine's day cruise ParisCome and dance or simply relax listening to music at one of the restaurant along Canal de l'Ourcq as the restaurant "Chez Agnès" in Pantin.

Book a romantic cruise

Contact our partners such as the companies Paris Canal, Canauxrama to prepare your romantic day or evening.


4. Unusual Gifts for Valentine’s Day

And why not offer a gift which is a bit "out of the ordinary" during your evening, a gift that can be used at another date?

  • Give a mysterious envelope with an invitation for a tattoo with one of the best tattoo artists at the next World Tattoo convention of Paris la Villette!
  • Anticipate: go to the Salon Art Deco fair of La Villette between the 7th and the 10th of Feburary
  • Write a message that will pass on the light signs of your city all day. Le Pré Saint Gervais and Epinay sur Seine propose this. For the second you have 120 characters to tell your love on the website or on twitter #14fevrierESS

5. Opt for a fashion tour

Offer a new fashion experience to your fashionista lover: discover how fashion evolved by visiting the Flea Market and bargaining the most original presents ever! If you prefer contemporary clothes, you can go to the Millénaire mall by boat: pass by the lock of the Pont de Flandres next to the Corentin Cariou metro station then get on the free boat that goes directly to the shopping center which is a good place to have a fashion evening and a dinner along the Saint Denis canal. Check there if you want more ideas for shopping outings.

6. Visit Paris hand by hand

Discover city of love through a new lens by testing insolit walking tours of Paris such as ciné-balade, black culture tours, street art tours...

7. Enjoy a Show together

Choose from the range of outings proposed on the 14th of Feburary 2019: theater, exhibitions, concerts, dancing shows...You'll find what you want.

The Philharmonie also proposes two concerts on this special day: Prelude of the Concerts of the Paris Orchestra which is free and played by the pupils of Pôle supérieur d'enseignement artistique de Paris Boulogne-Billancourt at 6 pm and symphonic concert Britten, Barber, Schubert, Beethoven by the Paris Orchestra with Jaap van Zweden and Renée Fleming at 8:30.

8. A movie together

Europacorp cinéma, AérovilleWhat's a better idea than going to watch a movie with the love of your heart on Valentine's Day? You'll find loads of small cinema houses with arthouse cinema,  uncommon programmes and films in the original version or simply enjoy the latest film released on the occasion of Saint Valentin.

To be amazed by a 3D or an Imax film, go to the cinema Gaumont-Pathé of Vill'up. You can also check out the cinema Étoile located at Porte des Lilas or go to the Besson Europacorp cinema within Aéroville mall and sit down in top quality seats.

The Repérages festival proposes a preview of "C'est ça l'amour" on the 14th at 8:30 pm at the Cin'Hoche with the movie-maker Claire Burger.

9. Do sport together

Try to run as a couple in the Saint-Valentin race of Paris in the Buttes-Chaumont. Singles can also participate to the "Cupid operation".

Try golf! A special offer was proposed in 2018 at la Poudrerie golf club: pay one game for two. Maybe the operation will be repeated in 2019.

10. Book a romantic dinner in Paris for Valentine's day

Do a simple romantic and cocooning dinner at home: Get prepared by visiting the Parisian big fairs of inside decoration: Maison & Objets and Art & Decoration at La Villette will take place between Feburary the 7th and the 10th.

To have all you need at home, go to the Cave est restaurant located in Montreuil before going home and come back with the best bottle of wine to be consumed with moderation to spend a romantic evening.
You can also stop at Cash & Carry or the Winerie Parisienne which opened in Montreuil in 2016.

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