What's on in Paris in January?

Ice rinkStart the New Year in style with visits, activities and celebrations for all: New Year's Eve festivities, a galette des rois, a festival to dream, travel or reflect...

Things to do in Paris in January

Visit Paris in January

Choose your visit to the Paris region from a wide selection: culture, nature, gastronomy, heritage or sport... there's something for everyone. Find a guided tour in January below.

2024, the Olympic year!

This January 2024, the Olympic year begins. There is still time to find accommodation for the Paris Olympics, a flat or a hotel for the Olympic Games.

New Year's Eve in Paris

To celebrate the start of the new year, there are concerts and New Year's Eve parties on offer.

Activities for (older) children

The magic of the festive season continues with ephemeral ice rinks in some cities.

What to do with your children during the 2nd week of the Christmas holidays.

On 7 January 2024, it's Epiphany and the galette des rois! Gourmets are in for a treat.
In January, on the 1st Sunday of the month, it's traditional to eat the Galette des rois. Traditionally made of puff pastry and almonds (frangipane in French), it can also be brioche. Hidden inside is a small object called the "fève", which designates the king or queen during this gourmet moment.

Dreams and magic in January

The Rêveurs Éveillés 2024 festival offers shows for children on a different theme every year. Come and dream with your family in front of performing arts troupes from all over Europe!

The magic festival at La Villette, Magic Wip, also invites you to marvel at its mentalism and prestidigitation shows.

Reading Night

The Night of Reading in January 2024 offers some original events: readings in the dark or in pyjamas... Meet up in the libraries and bookshops of Seine-Saint-Denis to read and be read to.

The winter sales

The winter sales in January are a great opportunity to pick up bargains on fashion, accessories, household equipment, electrical goods, etc. Find a shopping centre in the Paris region.

Exhibitions in January 2024

Discover our selection of exhibitions to see in January 2024 in Paris and Seine-Saint-Denis:

Find a free exhibition in Paris in January 2024.

All visits in January

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