Cycling Itinerary starting Villepinte Vert Galant

Rent a bike at the exchange poleThe exchange pole of Vert Galant located at Villepinte (Paris region), in association with CSCV and Paris Terre d'Envol, offers a series of 10 cycling itinerary routes, all of them start at Gare du Vert Galant train station. For one hour or a day, go and discover the rich diversity and particularities of the territory of Paris region on a bike!

10 bicycle rides from Gare du Vert Galant

  1. Sausset park, 12 km, 1 hour, very easy for beginners
  2. Forest Park de la Poudrerie, 5-7 km, 30-45 minutes, very easy
  3. Water pond at Gressy, 19 km, 1h30, very easy for beginners
  4. Cycle on the traces of Charles Péguy, 48 km, 3h30, average semi expert
  5. Montjay-la-tour cycle path, 25 km, 2 hours for expert
  6. Route to the airport, Memorial Concorde, 27 km, 1h50, average level
  7. Destination to Parc de la Villette, 36 km, 3h, easy level
  8. Paris region path across 3 towns, 19 km, 1h30, very easy for beginners
  9. Circuit Carole and Parc du Sausset, 19 km, 1h30, very easy for beginners
  10. Parc Lefebvre and Bondy forest, 22 km, 1h45, average level

Bicycle rentals

You can rent a bicycle at the exchange Pôle of Vert Galant located at Place de la gare 93420 Villepinte. Information by phone - 01 48 65 79 14.

Terms of bike-rentals

  • Presentation of your identity card and proof of residence dated less than three months
  • Security cheque deposit 100¤

Opening hours

  • From Monday to Friday : 6:30 a.m to 9:30 p.m.
  • Saturday : 8 a.m to 8 p.m.
  • Sunday : 10:30 a.m to 6:30 p.m.

Rental rates

  • 1 hour : 1 euro
  • 1/2 day: 3 euros
  • 1 day : 5 euros
  • 2 days : 8 euros
  • 1 week : 10 euros
  • 1 month: 20 euros
  • 3 months : 45 euros
  • 12 months: 130 euros

50% discount on any additional bike after 4 bicycle rentals

Advice before starting

  • Do not forget snacks and drinks. For a bicycle ride, it is important to gain strength !
  • A cycling helmet is highly recommended
  • The itineraries include sections on the road. You do not have priorities over motor vehicules. For your security and for others too, ride in a single file, stay on the right side of the road and respect the security distance and obey all traffic laws.
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