Bike rides and cycles trail tours near waterways and city towpaths

The North East suburbs of Paris located in the territory of Seine-Saint-Denis is definitely the uttermost suburbs to incorporate Le Grand Paris scheme with greenery projects and paved park roads or unpaved administrative roads open to the public. Seine-Saint-Denis has also the advantage of having several acres of park and forests and canals as well as a sort of man-made nature decors with amazing little patches of greenery where citizens can grow their own vegetables. It is a demonstration of the French philosophical and healthy culture for sport and nature.

Bicycles routes and tracks are built all along the waterways which link urban, suburban and rural areas of the Ile-de-France territories with a variety of appropriate cycling facilities. Some of the towpaths and certain trails have been specifically designed for off-road bicycle use along the waterways in the northeastern suburbs. There are several cycle paths through La Courneuve Park and some of bike trails run alongside the waterways: Canal de l'Ourcq and Canal Saint-Denis.

Separate bicycle lanes have been built all along the banks of the Canal de l'Ourcq. Take your bicycle, rollerblades, and skates or rent a vélib, the Parisian cycle location, and go for a planned hassle-free cycling touring day with your family or friends. Over weekends the path can be incredibly crowded, as the park is shared with scores of pedestrians and dog walkers.

Consult our list of hotels and youth hostels that welcome bike riders and their vehicules.

Exemple of cycle trail itineraries

Itinerary 1: Discover the cycle trail along Canal de l'Ourcq, from Paris to the rural Poudrerie park
30 km - 18 miles (round trip) / 4h
Itinerary 2: Bucolic rural ride along Canal de l'Ourcq, from park de la Poudrerie to Claye-Souilly
25 km - 15 miles / 4h
Itinerary 3: Bucolic and rural ride along Canal Saint Denis, from Paris-la Villette to stade de France
8.5 km 5 miles / 50 min 
Itinerary 4: Discover the cycle trail via Marne’s guinguettes, from Noisy-le-Grand to Joinville le Pont
18 km - 11 miles / 2h

10 more Paris region cycling tours

Explore the cycle trail and bike ride on your tours in Parc de La Courneuve.

Distance: 10 km - 6 miles
Duration: 1h
Useful and practical information: 10 km of cycle trail crisscross the bucolic scenery of Georges Valbon La Courneuve Park.

Bicycle trail tours can begin right from the entrance of the park. “La Maison du Parc” the park administration on-site office provides the best bike rental services. Planning your family trip or solo trip, use the park bike rental service to rent the appropriate bicycle for you, your friends and families. Couples can choose to ride a tandem bicycle and families can order small Quad-cycle for four or large and very large Quad-cycle from six to eight people. It is the fastest and easiest fun way to see this most beautiful park and explore the bucolic scenery along the waterways too.

Paris-Londres: a cycle track-styled-haven to bike-addicts!

Welcome to the exciting Bicycle trail which links Paris to London!

The Paris London trail called “Avenue verte London-Paris” is a must-do in the list of bike-addict trails for great exercise, beautiful scenery and an unforgettable experience. Choose the trail-track to ride downtown to enjoy the urban city bicycle experience. 

Do not miss the scenic surroundings beauty and elegance of the medieval town of Saint Denis. France, the country of “Tour de France” called the bicycle “la petite reine” meaning “the little queen” so why not combine a visit to the city of kings and sports kings and queens with your bicycle “la petite reine”. Stop for a visit at the first gothic cathedral where most of the French Kings and Queens’ dynasties are buried.

A few kilometres’ ride away, visit the great French stadium which hosts the greatest sports and musical events where over one a half million spectators stood cheering and hero-worshipping, a sort of icon cult for sportsmen, singers and great men.

Visit the Avenue Verte London-Paris website for your road biking and itinerary routes information to make the most of your cycling day.

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