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PR4 walking tour in Saint-Ouen (Paris)

Enjoy a discovery walking tour of the town of Saint-Ouen (9km, about 2h30) and appreciate its appeal, its charm and understand its changing times. Your walking tour forms a loop starting from the Town Hall and will take you to Old Saint-Ouen and Castle, a large park  the completely transformed Docks district, the Arago-Zola district, the Flea Market… so many different sites to see in this ever-expanding pleasant and popular town.

Saint-Ouen municipality is part of Plaine Commune urban conglomeration, and has been given the label Towns and Lands of Art and History.

Marking : yellow

1) Direction carrefour Pleyel

Go in direction of carrefour Pleyel, careful crossing the avenues, turn left onto rue du Landy, turn right onto rue Rabelais, turn left again onto rue J J Rousseau, follow the road on the right called rue St Denis and turn left onto rue Francis de Pressencé.

2) Saint-Ouen Church

Turn left onto rue Fernand Hainaut, rue des Châteaux, by-pass the church Saint-Ouen le Vieux, here you have a nice view of the Seine, and turn right again onto rue Saint-Denis.

3) Cross over the SNCF railway line

Cross avenue Albert Dhalenne, there are toilets nearby, pass in font of the St Ouen Castle and enter the park, continue as far as rue des Bateliers, and continue on it until you get to boulevard Victor-Hugo, turn right here for the station, cross over the SNCF  railway line and turn left onto rue Emmy Noether.

4) To get to rue Palouzié

Walk up rue Emmy Noether, turn left onto rue Vincent and left again onto rue Arago to reach rue Jules Verne on the right, rue Palouzié is just opposite.

5) To get to the Flea Market

Follow rue Farcot on the left up to the crossroads at avenue Gabriel Péri, cross over, pass in front of the church Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire and go into Marmottan square (toilets), exit onto rue des Rosiers, turn right for rue Gambetta, take this street on your right and turn right again onto rue Kleber.

6) Flea market

Walk down rue Lécuyer, turn left onto rue de la Gaité, turn right onto rue des Bons-Enfants, right again onto rue du Plaisir and immediately left onto rue Jules Vallés, turn left once again onto rue Paul-Bert and left again onto rue des Rosiers.

7) Sacré-C½ur Church

Turn right onto rue Charles Garnier, turn left onto rue Étienne Dolet, right again onto rue Blanqui and  left onto rue du Docteur Bauer.

8) Rue Alphonse Helbronner

Pass over the SNCF railway line, turn right onto rue Godillot, left onto rue Godefroy, left again onto rue des Marronniers, and right onto rue Alphonse Helbronner.

9) To get back to Saint-Ouen Town Hall

Follow rue Claude Monet on your left, cross rue du Docteur Bauer to get to rue de l'Union, turn right onto rue du Progrès, right again onto rue Ampère, turn left onto rue du Docteur Bauer and right onto  rue des Écoles to get back to your starting point via rue Diderot.

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