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PR19 Cosette walking trail

This hiking trail "Sentier de Cosette" with yellow marks have an ascending elevation of 219 meters. The hiker will discover along the PR19 Cosette walking trail, flora in Bondy wood and different view points of the town of Montfermeil (12 km N orth- E ast of Paris). This perfectly signposted 10 km course can be completed on foot in 3 hours.

Map of the hiking trail PR19 Cosette in Montfermeil

  1.  The trail starts at the car park guard post on the D136 (information point). From the guard post, follow a path in the forest along side the car park the Dhuis aqueduct to the west.
  2.  Follow GR Pays de la Ceinture Verte to the South-West in the wood .
  3.  Take the GR 14A for about 100 meters. Then walk alongside the lakes until the spillway of the Ourcq canal.
  4.  At the spillway, turn right to exit Bondy wood, cross the road and enter the “bois des Ormes”. Follow the trail to “Chemin de la Monnaie” then take the path on the right “Chemin de Coqueremont”. Continue on the right via “rue de Coubron”.
  5.  Walk in front of Montfermeil town hall. Cross the crossroads and the Marronniers car park. Turn left towards rue des Perriers, then turn right onto rue de la Halle and left onto rue Grange. Follow rue de l'Eglise, pass the Musée du Travail, go around the sports complex and the school via the Boulevard de l'Europe and on the left enter the Arboretum.
  6.  In the Arboretum, follow the yellow marks to exit onto rue de la Fontaine Jean-Valjean
  7.  Follow rue de la Fontaine Jean-Valjean on the right , sentier de la Jarrie on the left , go up on the left rue du Général-Leclerc then on the right rue des Moulins. Soon after Moulin du Sempin, go north onto Rue Curie and Rue du Docteur Laënnec. Pass in front of the Lassault fountain. Follow rue du Docteur Roux then turn right onto rue du Docteur Calmette, cross rue de Coubron and take chemin du Bois Cochard.
  8.  Go down right via Le Vieux Chemin de Coubron. Take rue Jean Moulin for some meters. Go into Bondy wood through the path in the north via crossroads Carrefour de l’étoiles des six routes.
  9.  Continue along the path then turn left and then right.
  10.  Continue in the wood until the starting point at the car park.
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