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Rambling in Le Raincy

This short rambling (PR24) is located in Le Raincy, Northeastern Paris, between Clichy-sous-Bous, Villemomble, Gagny and Pavillons-sous-Bois.

  • 4 miles
  • Yellow markings
  • 2h


To discover on your journey: Notre-Dame du Raincy Church – Hôtel de Ville – Albert Schweitzer highschool – Protestant temple – Saint-Louis Church.

  1. Headtrail: Cour de la Gare, Le Raincy. Take allée de Gagny to boulevard du Midi. Turn left on allée de l’Ermitage. What to see: résidence des Tourelles located at 29-31 allée de Gagny. The actual résidence des Tourelles hosted in 1773 the Duke of Orléans’s kennel.
  2. Follow allée de l’Ermitage until marking N°15. Turn left on allée Gambetta, turn right on avenue de la Résistance.
  3. Keep walking on avenue de la Résistance, pass by Notre-Dame Church, Protestant temple. Once you reach the Hôtel de Ville (city hall) turn left on allée Hérold. What to see: Notre-Dame du Raincy Church and Hôtel de Ville du Raincy, with General Maunoury’s bust. In 1914, General Maunoury, commandant of the 5th army, made the Hôtel de Ville his headquarters to stop the enemies coming from the Ourcq canal, before the Marne battle.
  4. At the end of the street, turn left on allée du Jardin Anglais then turn right on allée Valére Lefebvre. Go around Albert Schweitzer high school. A large lake is located in the park of the high school.
  5. Keep walking on boulevard de l’Ouest, cross the avenue Thiers to take boulevard du Nord, turn on the right to take allée du Village to avenue de Livry on your left.
  6. Go back up avenue de Livry to Place des Fêtes.
  7. Turn on the right on allée de l’Eglise, keep walking and take allée Thiellement on your left. What to see: Saint-Louis Church.
  8. Follow boulevard de l’Est on your right to the rotary, take allée des Sapins on your left.
  9. Turn right on allée de Château d’Eau and turn right again on allée du Télégraphe.
  10. Once you reach the Montfermeil rotary, keep walking on boulevard du Midi on your left. What to see: Jean de la Fontaine School. This school made of red bricks was built on the peak of the town. Pilasters at the entrance represent cats and peacocks.
  11. Follow allée de Gagny on your left to reach your headtrail at Cour de la Gare.

Other possible paths: Livry Gargan, Sausset Park in Aulnay-sous-Bois

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