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Il était une fois, la science dans les contes

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Il était une fois, la science dans les contes

Science is everywhere even in fairy tales!

This interactive exhibition is essentially aimed at children from 7 to 11. It is all about physics, chemistry, mathematics, geology, biology and social sciences all interpreted through 33 fun experiments linked with fairy tales for children. These experiments will not only appeal to kids but also to those accompanying them, teenagers and adults. Developed by Centro Ciencia Viva from Lisbon, concepts and scientific phenomena are set up in the midst of a wonderful world; taken from the imaginary world of fairy tales. The exhibition is in French, English and Spanish.

10 tales and experiments to be discovered…

> Cinderella
Put yourself in the shoes of a fashion designer to discover that surface and volume do not increase proportionally.

« The glass slipper» invite kids to guess which slipper in really made of glass out of all the slippers made of different materials by observing their molecular model. 

> The three little pigs
Are bricks stronger than wood and is wood stronger than straw, as the story suggests?

> Little Red Riding Hood
Why do we associate red with danger? The light system includes «Danger Alert Red »  answers this question, all the while explaining how colours influence our emotions.

> Hansel and Gretel
How many flavours can our tongue detect?

Which experiments are hidden in the Adventures of Pinocchio, Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, the princess and the pea, Alice in Wonderland, Snow white and the seven dwarfs or Jack and the Beanstalk.

Exhibition in the enchanted forest

Eighteen 4-meter high trees are installed in the central space devoted to the exhibition "the enchanted forest". The tree tops change colour (in function with the seasons). Open your nose and enjoy all the scents of the forest, touch the bark of the trees. Listen and experience the diverse science "morals” taken from the 10 tales hidden inside the trunks, with the tales the Cricket and the Ant, the Hare and the Tortoise, the Fox and the Stork...

Useful Information

During your visit make the most of your time to do other activities, visit Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie. On holidays in Paris, book your hotel room close to Parc de la Villette

Take advantage of this space and its many outing options for adults and children - the Philharmonic and its music museum, the park and its free playground, the Cité des sciences and its universe, cinema with short films at the Geode.

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