Cheer up with our excursions on the Canal de l'Ourcq !

Summer is the time to get out, enjoy the weather and relax around a nice picnic. The canal de l'Ourcq is the perfect place to hang during the summer. On foot, by bike or scooter or your feet in the water, day and night, with family or friends, the canal de l’Ourcq welcomes you to satisfy all your excursion needs.

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Guided excursions near Paris canals

Enjoy guided tours of original places along the canal, discover its history and its mysteries. Artists, enthusiasts and inhabitants will guide the visitor through their beloved Paris. A moment of exchange and conviviality, these summer excursions around the Ourcq will surprise you for their authenticity! In the programme : street art, nature, strolls and much more!

The green lane on the canal

Do you need a break from city life ? Let yourself get carried away on the green lane along the canal. The splendid cycling track covering over 40 kilometres has made the banks of this parisian canal an absolute haven for bikes, scooters and roller-skates! You can take different routes all more peaceful than the others. This summer, our programme on excursions and cruises will fill you with good energy and memories as you'll discover the Ourcq and its banks. You can rent a bike close to the canal.

Sail on quiet waters!

Experience the peace and quiet of the canal while sailing in the midst of a green oasis. Borrow the canoes and kayaks in Sevran and drift along at your own pace on this small part of the canal ! A must-see, the exceptional Parc de la Poudrerie.

Who is captain?

The coast is clear, cruise along the water on your own electric boat ! Pick it up at bassin de la Villette, they are accessible to all as they are licence-free. Travel along the canal de l’Ourcq and bassin de la Villette at your own pace !

Take it easy at parc de la Villette !

A space for leisure, a place of culture and entertainment, parc de la Villette is the biggest park in Paris where big and small mingle together all summer long for a picnic, outdoor movie theater, dances and concerts. The park is open 24/7 and the entry is free of charge. Take the time during the summer season to truly discover the park and all it has to offer.

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