Summer leisure activities with your family over the week ends along Canal de l’Ourcq in Paris!

Many events take place along Canal de l’Ourcq. Most of them are free and available to all: cultural events on barges, concerts, open air cinema, musical dance balls, sporting entertainment, leisure on water… All summer long, the canal is full of excitement.

Low cost river shuttles (1 or 2¤) stopover at several venues along Canal de l’Ourcq.

Paris-Plages at Bassin de la Villette

Big news this summer 2018: it will be possible to swim in a free bathing area at Paris-plage the Bassin de la Villette, quai de la Loire! As each year, you can enjoy free leisure activities for adults and children on water and on the wide banks, have a drink or picnic under a parasol…

The famous Parc de la Villette

All summer long, Parc de la Villlette offers a diverse programme of exhibitions, music events and open air cinema. Enjoy the largest urban park in Paris where you can find Cité des sciences, Géode and Philharmonie of Paris.

The leisure port in Bobigny

2018 - In Bobigny, a strange wooden building, called “Mobilab”, has been set up close to the canal, with reused materials. “Mobilab” is in the middle of a leisure port which offers outdoor concerts and balls, craft or cooking workshops and a terrace on the canal banks.

In the shadow of the magnificently renovated former warehouse in Pantin

On the banks of Canal de l’Ourcq, this former warehouse now accommodates the world leader in advertising, BETC. The barge is tied up nearby from July 2018. It serves as a pleasant bar and restaurant. It also features concerts and workshops. In addition, you can dance in free open air balls or enjoy a pedal boat or canoe on the canal.

A water and sports recreation park in Noisy-le-sec / Bondy

From July 6th to August 4th 20198, get of the shuttle at Noisy-le-sec and take part with your family in water and sport recreation activities offered on the canal and its wide banks.

A special shuttle to Aulnay

From Noisy-Bondy, take the special shuttle to Aulnay-sous-bois. Concerts, workshops, gym classes and open air balls are free for all.

The “Poudrerie” forest park

This beautiful forest park can be reached from Bassin de la Villette by a special boat from July to August 2019. It is an absolute joy to picnic in this park or to dance at the open air balls. You can also take part in sports recreation activities or  attend a theater show. It is even possible to rent a canoe and sail through the bucolic scenery of this part of Canal de l’Ourcq.

In the vicinity of Canal de l’Ourcq

La plage (the beach) at Glazart

From June 6th to September 29th 2019, Glazart organizes its summer festival: la Plage 2.0! This year, this Parisian concert hall offers a variety of concerts, clubbing sessions, brunches in a cool open air summertime atmosphere. (from midday until late).

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