Grand Paris jumps in the water!

Grand Paris is project that aims to bring the outskirts of Paris closer, this is done by creating new metro station that go beyond the Paris limit. When people refer to the Grand Paris area they are talking about Paris its inner suburbs. The Grand Paris area is  a great actor during the summer with  free sandy beaches, water activities and sports, dance floors and food areas  along the Canal de L’Ourcq, La Seine, la Marne and Canal Saint-Denis…

Canal St Denis : summer activities

La Seine, La Marne and the parisian canals come together to offer locals and tourists the opportunity to enjoy a variety of amazing events such as concerts, festivals, tours, water sports, relaxation zone and more. Over 200 cruises and 80,000 passengers are expected in Paris, Seine Saint Denis, Val de Marne and Hauts de Seine.

Water, the essential element of Grand Paris, connects territories and brings locals and visitors together. Beyond conventional circuits and cruises, all waterways across the city show emerging possibilities as a place of life with regards to the potential they offer for discovery, relaxation and entertainment. On water or on the banks, many events offer an unusual perspective on Grand Paris cities and a great opportunity to discover the diversity of its landscapes.

Grand Paris canals devoted to festivals

Summer on Canal de L’Ourcq

Throughout the summer, activities and entertainment are organized along the Canal de L’ourcq and several cities from Paris to Aulnay sous Bois. For those who want to stroll along the waterways a bit longer, a handfull of river shuttles are departing every weekend for 1¤ or 2¤. Cruise boat shuttles will leave from the Parc de la Villette. You can also stay outside and enjoy the weather to the sound of outdoors concerts. 

Music on Canal Saint Denis

Enjoy concerts and activities in the outskirts of Pairs on the banks of Canal Saint Denis. Cruises make exploring  both 6B and Fabriques des rêves easier. Locals and tourists will be able to discover or rediscover the most visited sites in the Seine Saint Denis territory: The not-to-be-missed, Basilica of Saint Denis and Stade de France.

Summer city-beaches and free entertainment

Paris-Plages- a beach in the middle of the city

Tons of white sand, free access to deckchairs, open-air concerts and picnics; this is Paris-Plages at Bassin de la Villette. Every year the docks of the Bassin de la Villette turns into a tropical island with sand, palm trees, music, water fountains and lounge chairs for locals and visitors. A variety of activities such as dance lessons, “boules” games, volley-ball, trampoline, roller-blading, games and concerts are organized for an eventful summer. All of these summer beach installations in Paris and the north-east of Paris have several security zones and refreshment areas as well as toilet and baby changing facilities.

Parc de la Villette

Crossed by Canal de L’Ourcq, Parc de la Villette is not so run-of-the-mill - this place rocks! It features all the advantages of off-the beaten-track outdoor summer activities for locals and visitors. Catch up with one of the international selections of movies on the giant screen in the park or dance to the beat of an open-air festival “scénes d’été” of rock, pop and electronic music in park de la Villette, which straddles two canals. Enjoy the exhibitions and entertainment in la Villette.

Watersports and Parisian waterways and river cruises

Paris Seine Sightseeing cruises

Just like every summer, cruises are the summertime favorite river Seine activities in Paris. Treat yourself to the Hauts de Seine Tourism board cruise options. Each tour offers you the chance to discover a little bit more about the city of lights: marvel at the art cruise, feel the magic of the historical cruise or sit back and enjoy the bucolic scenery of the beauty of the Seine and its tributaries.

Cruises on the River Marne!

Opt for cruises to enjoy the beauty of the river Seine and its triburary, the River Marne. It is possible to avail of low fee cruises with Passeurs de Marne, Passeur de Rives,  which takes places every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from July to September. It is an ideal not-to-be-missed entertainment drawing Parisians, tourists and their families on the glittering waters of the Marne.

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