Best places for dancing in Paris

A dancing enthusiast, you will surely enjoy Hip-Hop, popping, break, locking, vogue... Lovers of classical ballets or of contemporary dance… ballroom dancing or outdoor moves … Dancers and spectators will find what they are looking for in the dance proposals in the North East of Paris. There are many concert halls where you can enjoy hip-hop battles, ballets and choreographic performances, outdoor places to dance and where to learn to dance... Discover dance in North East Paris and Seine-Saint-Denis.

Dance Shows in Nord-East Paris

If you want to watch a ballet, a hip-hop battle or even a contemporary dance show, several venues offers a rich and varied programme. Find details of all your favorites dance events in the North East of Paris.

Centre National de la danse training of dancers and dance shows

Centre National de la Danse at Pantin proposes workshops, dance classes and dance shows. This center for creation and choreographic distribution trains dance professionals, preserves choreographic cultural heritage, distributes and supports choreographic creation. Discover the dance show programme of the CND.

La Villette : festivals and contemporary dance and hip-hop shows

La Villette offers a rich programme of shows and notably dance. Many shows, bootstrap and urban dance contests are proposed. As for example the festival 100% which dedicates part of its eclectic program to dance. Grande Halle has housed the show show Let’s dance since 2015.

Le 104 Paris 19

The Cent-quatre Paris is a multidisciplinary cultural venue which hosts, among others, dance shows. The real show is also in the hall 104: every day emerging young artists come to practice here. Contemporary dancers, street and ballroom dancers perform all day long to the delight of all.

Festivals of dance in Seine-Saint-Denis

Several dance festivals highlight dance and dancers. Festivals of hip-hop and contemporary dance festivals are propose each year.

Several dance festivals promote dance and dancers. Hip-hop festivals and contemporary dance festivals are proposed each year.

Choreographic encounters in Seine-Saint-Denis

Les rencontres chorégraphiques Seine-Saint-Denis are held in different venues in the department, national theatres and cultural centers.

Festival Incandescences

Les Incandescences festival aims to promote the art of choreographic avant-garde. It is held in Paris and the near suburbs.

Where to dance in the open air in Paris?

Bal Barges during Eté du canal summer festivalFree dancing all summer along the Canal de l'Ourcq

Every summer, the Été du canal festival offers free dancing in the open air. Accordion music dance, world music, hip-hop, expert dancers and novices will twirl around on the wooden floors set up for the dance balls in the different towns that reside along this Parisian canal.

Free dance during Paris Plages at Bassin de La Villette

Paris Plages Bassin de La Villette offers a great variety of dances all summer long. Each day, a different dance ball is proposed (musette, rock, salsa...) as well as dance parties for children.

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