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Barges moored along Canal de l'Ourcq

There are no Bateaux-Mouches on Canal de l'Ourcq but there are barges. Some of them are moored all year round, on the banks of Bassin de La Villette Paris, and in Seine-Saint-Denis, others stay for just a few weeks in summer, such as the barge Antipode. Throughout the year, there are large barges on which a variety of activities are proposed. Cultural, bookshop, or cinema barges on water, bar-restaurant or showroom venue barges are available to have a drink, to eat or watch a show while enjoying a breath-taking view of Paris and the Ourcq in an original setting.

In summer many boat cruises are on offer starting from Bassin de la Villette, as well as shuttle services

Cultural barge Antipode

Cultural barge Antipode: café-restaurant and shows

Anako barge

Anako barge

Cinema barge

POP barge

Cultural barge in Paris: La POP


Péniche Fantaisie

Fantaisie barge Paris

A Library barge Water and Dreams

A Library barge Water and Dreams

Le Barboteur

Le Barboteur

Demoiselle barge

Barge in Paris - Bassin de la Villette: La Demoiselle

Bougeotte barge

Bougeotte - wine cellar barge

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