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Le Barboteur

Unlike barges that are moored at the same place during seasonal periods, the boat Le Barboteur moves every day to settle in a different place to give you the opportunity to enjoy the temporary everyday life on the banks of the canals of Paris.

Le Barboteur, Non Identified Cultural Object

Initiated by two friends crazy about boats and city lovers, the project Barboteur is at the image of their inspiration: Exciting! The boat is a cultural tool that sails through the parisian North-East and forces conviviality. The concept is based on the desire to alter how we use the banks with activities and innovative experiences for passer-bys.

A nomadic and free venue

With its temporary moorings and free access it provides a mix of shows, culinary discoveries and fun activities. No tickets or doors block the entrance, activities are open to all. Le Barboteur goes through the Paris canals from spring to autumn, dropping anchor at a new point every day and offering a new way to enjoy the banks of the canals.

Combining a cultural tool and catering/drinking area; this new concept will be mobile and itinerant: an ideal way to spend some time on water . No one is allowed on board, everything takes place on the canal banks, inviting passers-by to stop and share a drink and enjoy a free cultural moment.

Le Barboteur sails off to Paris

Le Barboteur has been designed especially to navigate and be moored on the paris canals. From 2017 and for a period of 10 years, it will be moored in Paris in 4 different places :

Other mooring points will be available in Saint-Saint-Denis, along Canal de l'Ourcq especially at Pantin and Bobigny, and Canal Saint-Denis.

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