Markets and flea markets

Vernaison marketThe main access to the Flea market is Rue des Rosiers. Four famous markets are located at the beginning of this street: Vernaison market, Biron Market,  Malassis market and Dauphine market.

Two other well-known markets, Paul Bert and Serpette are also on this street.

There are other interesting markets. Antica market offers 18th and 19th century furniture and objects. Cambo market is a charming market dedicated to 20th century furniture. L’Entrepôt specializes in large size objects (grids, stairs, street lights, heaters…). In Le Passage market you can find rags, furniture, used books, military garments and trinkets. Rosiers market is the perfect market for 20th century works of art and light-fitting enthousiasts.

Lécuyer market and L’Usine market are both reserved for professionals.

Many other little markets deserve to be discovered. Some are open air markets.

Enjoy visiting street art at the Puces or stop at a cafe or a restaurant in Saint-Ouen Flea market.

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